31 Day Money Challenge

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Welcome to the 31 day Money Challenge. You are certainly in for a very interesting ride.

As a financial coach I often come across people who have fallen into the trap of living beyond their means, which means that they spend more than they earn. I believe in most cases there is always a choice when it comes to spending and many times we say “need” when it ‘s actually a want and we have said it so many times that we have forgotten what the word means.


So I decided to come up with a challenge that would basically challenge the habits that we have formed when it comes to our spending. I thought why not adopt something like a money diet so that we can really confront the mindsets that have formed in our society without challenge and see what the result is…

Maybe we are the one’s stopping ourselves from having a holiday every year and not the fact that the electricity bill keeps rising? Maybe we are the ones that prevent ourselves from paying down our mortgage and not the rising cost of living? Maybe we are the ones that don’t get to buy gifts at Christmas with cash but have to use the credit card because we have never found a way to save.

If you are tired of living from pay to pay and seeing no results, then join so many others who have done the 31 Day Money Challenge and get ready to realise some savings! What will you do with it? Jump start your savings, be generous, pay down some debt…it’s yours – do whatever you want.

You never know you may enjoy that feeling of plenty so much you might decide to do the 31 Day Money Challenge a few times a year!!!

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Coach Chris & her team go on a 31 Day Money Challenge twice a year – you can join them or go on your own challenge simply by purchasing the E book. This will register you and will give you access to live updates from Chris and her team
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