Have the Last Four Weeks left You Reeling?

How quickly life can change! One minute we are  racing home from work on a Friday night to get ready to head off on a quick trip away with our family and friends and the next we are actually working from home and only going out to do the weekly shop and pick up...

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New Year Challenge

At this time of year when so many of us have been thinking about our plans and expectations for the year - I would like to challenge you to think about raising the bar when it comes to your finances. If you have been spending more than you earn and increasing your...

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Traditions Good or Bad?

…..families and individuals being pressured into spending money on gifts at Christmas that far surpasses their affordability ……

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Are You prepared to Change?

…Literally – that shift from auto pilot to observer has the ability to change your life so dramatically that it will seem like someone has blown up the old to make room for the new!

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Details Are Important

"Just like in a jigsaw puzzle  each piece helps to create the big picture. Get the pieces right and the big picture will come into view" I don't know how many of you like doing jigsaw puzzles but every now and then - usually on a holiday when we have started to relax...

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The Wonderful Act of Giving

….when we take time to think of others and to share with them what we have been given, our lives get bigger and more blessed and happiness flows….

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Face Your Fears….

There seems to be a lot of fear surrounding money and none more so than when your income is threatened……

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Have you taken the time to plan?

What is it about retirement that we feel we have all the time in the world to think about it but go into a mad panic when we reach our 50th birthday and feel like we are destined to live a less than desirable life on the pension? I see so many people between the ages...

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Do Small Steps Really Matter?

How many times have we second guessed ourselves when we are confronted with something we want to change and make a decision to do so only to give up because we fail to see the progress achieved by seemingly small steps? Going for a walk in my local area the other day,...

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