We hear so much about New Years Resolutions in January that I thought why don’t we do the same for the New Financial Year!!!

OK so it may be a little corny but what the heck – it makes for a great list and hopefully gets you thinking.
So here goes…..

What will you do different this year:

  1. Start a budget
  2. Live on 80% of my income
  3. Start to pay off the principal of my home loan
  4. Start an emergency fund
  5. Pay yourself first
  6. Choose something you have always wanted to do and decide to start a savings plan to get you there
  7. Stop using credit cards to buy things you can’t afford
  8. Put all of your loose change into a jar at the end of every day and don’t open it for 12 months
  9. Start a Christmas Fund and start saving now
  10. Start giving to a charity

So there you go – let me know what you think!