It has become a family tradition at Easter, that I organize a treasure hunt with the ” treasure” being Easter eggs.

For the younger members, putting little chocolate surprises in obvious places around the house and garden brings great delight and squeels of laughter can be heard as another reward is found.
But our treasure hunts are not just for the children. Everyone gets involved and I take great delight in writing cryptic clues and hiding directions that mask my adult children’s surprises and I love to witness the fact that we are never too old to enjoy playing a game.

When I think about it, most of our happy memories have been made by an inexpensive activity, created out of a need to enjoy life when money was tight.
I meet with so many Mums and Dads that in the beginning are struggling because family life can be expensive and it seems to me that we have lost the art of enjoying eachothers company without spending money and we feel compelled to join in with all the costly activities that make us cling tighter and tighter to our credit cards for survival.

So I thought I would share with you some of the family activities that we enjoyed as a family of 7 living on one income……

Treasure hunts – not just for Easter
Picnics in the park or at the beach
Cowboy Stew (containg mostly beans and potatoes) enjoyed around a backyard bonfire followed by toasted marshmallows
Games nights – playing board games with family and friends
Movie nights with home made popcorn

All of these things have created such wonderful memories within our children and I find it amazing that they are remembered much more readily and with greater fondness than the activities that cost us a lot of money.
So if money is a little tight, get creative and see what fun, family activities you can come up with as for me…….

I’m off to hide some eggs

Happy Easter!!!!