It is so easy in this day and age to rely on credit to fund all of our “out of the ordinary purchases” and Christmas is usually the time of year that the credit card gets stressed to the max.

So how can we avoid relying on the plastic to fund those extra expenses that Christmas usually brings?

Here’s 4 ideas to get you started…..

1. Go on a money hunt!! “What?” I hear you ask – “Is it hiding under the mattress?” “In an old sock?”
Well, No not exactly! After my recent money challenge, I realised that there is a lot of money hiding in the pantry and the freezer. Not literally of course but I have realised that by making 2 weeks worth of menus based on the supplies I find in my freezer and my pantry, I can save the $400 that I usually spend on food for those two weeks.

2. Redeem your “Flybuy” dollars – remember that question that you are often asked at certain checkouts? “Do you have fly buys?” Well now is the time to make a phone call and request that they be converted to dollars so that the next time you are at those checkouts – you can pay with Flybuy dollars. We regularly use ours to buy our Christmas groceries.

3. Sell your unused items on Gum Tree – you can also go Christmas shopping on Gum tree – we managed to get our daughter a much wanted “Driza Bone” one one year – almost brand new for $50 and saved ourselves a whopping $150

4. Give Christmas food as a gift – this is a great idea because you can make a little go a long way. For example you can make one large square Christmas cake and then cut it into four and wrap a ribbon around and give to 4 of your neighbours, children’s school teachers etc. I also make little Christmas puds and package them up as gifts and they are very well received. As you can see from the recipe below – they are so easy and a little goes a long way…. my son in law loves them!

So that’s four ideas – Hopefully I have got your creative juices flowing – why not comment below so we can all benefit from your ideas and let’s work towards a credit free Christmas!!

Ingredients: 1 Homebrand Christmas pudding
1 Packet of dark or milk cooking chocolate
1 Packet of white cooking chocolate
Packet of coloured snakes

Method: Melt the milk/dark chocolate in a basin over hot water
Break up the Christmas pudding in a large bowl and add the melted dark/milk chocolate. Stir until combined.
Take handfuls of mixture and roll into balls
Set aside on a tray
Melt the white chocolate in a basin over hot water and then drizzle spoonfuls of the melted chocolate over the little chrstmas puds
Cut the snakes into tiny pieces and place a red and a green piece on the top
Put in fridge to harden and then package into gifts – if your family don’t get to them first!!