At this time of frenzied shopping and busy work schedules trying to get finished in time for the Christmas break, we can be in danger of forgetting why we are shopping for gifts and the whole act of giving can become a chore instead of what it is meant to be – an act of love.

So I thought today we would focus our attention on the act of giving itself – in fact the reason for Christmas in the first place is an acknowledgement of God giving the most wonderful gift possible – that of his only Son Jesus, whose whole purpose in life was to show us the way back to a relationship with our creator.

I witnessed the result of another act of giving just a few days ago – I held my new little granddaughter for the first time, a precious little bundle that came into the world by the very act of a mother willing to lay her life down for a child to be born.

In both of those instances – giving was surrounded by a sense of love and selflessness and yes there may have been frenzy and emotion but there was always a thinking of what would happen because of the giving that produced the gift.
I believe our own personal gift giving should be like that. If we want to show love to another person by the act of giving a gift then let it not be a “that’ll do” attitude but let it be a gift given in order to bless or uplift or encourage. Some of us worry that we don’t have enough money to spend in order to give an acceptable gift but a gift given in love and after careful consideration is usually received with heartfelt gratitude and the size of the gift or the price that we paid for it doesn’t come into it – if it does then maybe there is a problem with the receiver not the giver!

So give with love and encourage those around you to do the same and if, in the unlikely case that your gift is rejected or tossed to one side as an unacceptable trinket , remember you are not alone – even our Creator’s gift has got lost in the gloss and glamour of our 21st Century’s Christmas celebrations and He chooses to love anyway – so let us do the same.

To all my readers, I wish you all a wonderful, blessed Christmas celebrating this wonderful gift with your loved ones.

See you in the 2018!