Beware The Crouching Tiger

I want to start a conversation today about poverty and I probably need to issue a discalimer as I think some of my statements may offend if taken out of context. I am not talking about the type of poverty that we see in third world countries although I would like to...

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You Can Do It!!!

Today I want to speak to all the 18-25 year olds. So many times in the media or in conversation around us, I hear the exclamation, "How are our young people ever going to afford a home of their own!" They don't pose it as a question they have already decided it is...

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How To Navigate an Unstable Wage

I meet many people who do not get paid a regular wage. - They are permanently employed and therefore on a basic wage but they have access to overtime or they can work public holidays. Or they might work in the mines and so their pay structure can sometimes be one big...

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What Is That One Thing?

What Is That One Thing That Is Stopping You Having A Holiday/Saving For A Goal People will often complain about the fact that they work hard but they just don't seem to be able to get ahead. I was thinking about that the other day as my husband and I have got very...

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Inspecting Your Super – Part 2

So what happens to your super in the event of your death? This is something that we don't often think about because we all hope that we will live long enough to enjoy the money that has been accumulating in our super funds over the years but unfortunately, history...

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Inspecting Your Super – Part 1

For the next two blogs I would like to follow on from my last one and hopefully by me taking a break over the last two weeks, I have given you enough time to read and understand your super statement.If you didn't catch my last blog - here it is......

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10 Resolutions For The New Financial Year

We hear so much about New Years Resolutions in January that I thought why don't we do the same for the New Financial Year!!! OK so it may be a little corny but what the heck - it makes for a great list and hopefully gets you thinking. So here goes..... What will you...

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Profit First

If you own a small business or are thinking of starting one, this blog is a must read for you. But I would like to suggest that it is a great concept for your everyday finances too I have been reading a very interesting book called "Profit First" by Mike Michalowicz...

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Warning – Buy Now Pay Later

​I was out shopping on the weekend as I have an exciting event coming of my daughters is getting married and so I needed to buy an outfit for the wedding. Off I went to all the usual haunts Glenelg, Harbour town, Rundle Mall. After a while I began to notice a...

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