Do Small Steps Really Matter?

How many times have we second guessed ourselves when we are confronted with something we want to change and make a decision to do so only to give up because we fail to see the progress achieved by seemingly small steps? Going for a walk in my local area the other day,...

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When Life Changes Beyond Recognition

We can be going along in our everyday lives, thinking that we are on track and everyone and everything is going well and all of a sudden things change. We lose our job or we gain a promotion. We get married or we get divorced. We go on maternity leave or we reduce our...

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So Exactly What Is A Money Challenge?

A money challenge is designed to show us exactly what we are spending our money on. So often we spend our lives in "automatic pilot". We are so busy, we just do the things we have always done without thinking twice about it. If your weeks are outliving your pay, I...

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The Power of Team

I want to talk today about the power of team - a group of people working together to help you get you to where you want to go.... When we think about our favourite football team or basketball team we know that the game goes really well and more goals are scored when...

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Family Fun Without Breaking the Bank

It has become a family tradition at Easter, that I organize a treasure hunt with the " treasure" being Easter eggs. For the younger members, putting little chocolate surprises in obvious places around the house and garden brings great delight and squeels of laughter...

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Have You Been Caught In The Credit Card Trap

I get a lot of people coming to see me who have fallen foul of the credit card trap. It is sad to see because something that started out as a simple desire to have something now and pay for it later has ended up being a noose around their neck and a feeling that they...

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Let’s Talk about Giving

At this time of frenzied shopping and busy work schedules trying to get finished in time for the Christmas break, we can be in danger of forgetting why we are shopping for gifts and the whole act of giving can become a chore instead of what it is meant to be – an act...

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How To Fund Christmas Without Using a Credit Card

It is so easy in this day and age to rely on credit to fund all of our "out of the ordinary purchases" and Christmas is usually the time of year that the credit card gets stressed to the max. So how can we avoid relying on the plastic to fund those extra expenses that...

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