A money challenge is designed to show us exactly what we are spending our money on. So often we spend our lives in “automatic pilot”. We are so busy, we just do the things we have always done without thinking twice about it.
If your weeks are outliving your pay, I believe you need to take a look at where your money is going. You will find out exactly why you are running out of money.

Because I have been budgeting for some time, I am fully aware of where my money comes from and where it goes to so when I go on a money challenge, I know exactly how much I can save if I restrict my spending on lifestyle. If I decide to restrict myself to $50 for the month of the challenge, then I know I will be able to save around $500. But many people can save a lot more. I have known people that go into a challenge wanting to know just how much they actually spend on lifestyle in a month and they are amazed to find that if they just decide to replace their paid entertainment (dinner, takeaway, movies, clubs, pubs etc.) with entertainment that doesn’t cost, they can save anywhere from $500 to $2,000.

Once you know this, you can decide whether you are happy about it. For some, they decide that they would like to be able to cut back a little so they can actually start to save, or pay down debt. For others, they decide that they will have a month of spending followed by a money challenge month and continue that throughout the year to allow them to save for their annual holiday. And still for others, they realise the reason why their credit card debt has been slowly rising – they have discovered just how much money they are spending and they are going into debt to do so – spending money they don’t actually have.

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