,We are now up to part three in our series on building your financial house and today we are concentrating on  the ages between 45 – 55. If you missed the previous two stages then please see below for a recap and remember if you are a late starter at least get started and you will finish a far lot better than you would if you bury your head in the sand and do nothing.
This is usually the time in your life when your income rises and you can so easily fall into the trap of increasing your lifestyle simply because you can now afford it.

  • So make sure you put some thought into how much you are spending on lifestyle. ​More than ever, planning your monthly budget before the month starts  is of extreme importance. Sure enjoy a great lifestyle but do it in the setting of a well thought out plan and a journey that is leading to the goal of a great retirement.
  • Seriously think about your investing. By now you should have started your investment portfolio and be very much aware of what the returns on your investing are. Now is the time to consider if you can or wish to extend your investment portfolio. If you have invested  in property you may find that your investments have grown enough to provide some equity that you can leverage against.
  • It is also a good time to evaluate If you are on track for the goals you made regarding your investing and whether you need to do any “tweaking “
  • Now is a good time to check your insurances –  I seem to be saying that every time but again your life may have seen some significant changes and you need to take a look at your level of cover. Remember if you are investing, your income is a major part of holding up that investing and if anything should happen to affect your ability to earn income then you will need to make sure you are covered.

So there you have it – next week let’s put the roof on your financial house!!!