What Is That One Thing That Is Stopping You Having A Holiday/Saving For A Goal

People will often complain about the fact that they work hard but they just don’t seem to be able to get ahead.
I was thinking about that the other day as my husband and I have got very definite goals to save for an overseas trip next year and I was thinking about all of the ways that we could save so that we could have the trip that we were dreaming of.
I started to look at my habits with regard to spending because so easily we can become sloppy when we get busy and we can take our eyes off the things that are important.
Friday night for us has become a time when we treat ourselves to dinner out. Both my husband and I lead fast paced lives and when Friday night comes around we really enjoy a quiet, leisurely evening , catching up over a great meal and a nice glass of red. We don’t mind the cost of that night because it is something that we value but if I am honest there have been some Friday nights when we would both have preferred to just get takeout and stay home but we have gone out anyway because that’s what we do on Friday nights. That’s what I mean when we can start to get sloppy with our spending. If it something that you value then it is worth every penny spent on it but if it part of a routine then I suggest you take another look because you could be saving that money for something else.
Its perhaps not the best example because I do love to go out to dinner with hubby but I think you get the picture. So I would like to pose the question,
” What Is That One Thing That Is Stopping You Having A Holiday/Saving For A Goal?”
Coffee 1-3 times a day = $1,638 – $4,914 per year
Lunch at work = $2,600 per year
Not menu planning – so shopping without noticing can cause you to spend between $50 and $100 per week = $2,600 – $5,200 per year
“Mooching” around the shops – you can spend $50 plus per week = at least $2,600 per year
Why not have a look at how you are spending and see just how much you can save. $2,000 per year can give you a fairly decent holiday!!