The Business Builders Programme is specifically designed for those people who are wanting to start or have just started a business or who have a small business with a great product, but just cannot get a handle on managing their finances. People who are putting all of their time and energy into running their business and either don’t think of  taking a wage or they can’t see how they can afford to.


The most important component of any business is cash flow and unfortunately all too often a business will fail because of the owner not paying attention to this vital area.

At Coach Chris we will teach you the necessary skills to understand how much it costs to run your business and the importance of planning ahead so that you can be ready for your future business expenses. We will also show you the importance of taking a wage and understanding that your business needs to be able to fund your own personal lifestyle .

You will learn how much your business is costing on a monthly basis as well as looking at the overall yearly costs and you will become aware of the importance of planning ahead in order to grow your business.