Jacob & Trish – Break Free/ Stepping Out

(25-40 Age Group)


My husband & I live in Melbourne and we have been with Coach Chris for 3.5years. In this time she has coached us into managing our money in a way we could never have done on our own.


Living from week to week and trying to pay off our debts, left us without any savings. We dreamed of buying a house but even with both our income it seemed like an uphill battle, because we could never seem to save money.


She has seen us through two 12 months maternity leaves, 6 months of one income earning for our household.


Since partnering with Chris she has help us pay of >80% of our debt which was more than $40,000, we have saved >$12,000 since March this year, and now currently looking into buying a house.


We never would have thought in this short time we would have been able to accomplish this much. Being interstate was never an issue our monthly meetings and her constant guidance and support was always present regardless of the distance.


Being accountable was what my husband and I needed, she never made me feel guilty if we had a bad month, she was always encouraging and made us re-focus with her direction and positive attitude. I always got off the phone from our meetings, encouraged, empowered and driven to continue to push on and keep moving. Now look where we are.


Coach Chris has been the greatest investment we could have ever made for our family.


Thank you Chris

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Ryan - Stepping Out up

(25-40 Age Group)


What was my biggest problem?


At the time I thought my biggest problem was a lack of income. I thought that if I were to earn more money, my money troubles would go away. Every time I got paid, I had nothing left at the end of it. My credit card debt was getting bigger and my personal loan and mortgage left me with virtually no spending money after every pay period. No matter how hard I tried, I could never get out of the hole.


My biggest problem wasn’t my bad luck of expenses, it was me!

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Albert - Break Free

(40-55 Age Group)


What was my biggest problem?


I was unable to manage my money. Seemed that the money in my pocket was like water over sand, would just disappear when I get it.


How did I get involved with Coach Chris?


I first noticed her add on Life FM. Took me some time to actually get going and ask her for help. Wish I done 10 years sooner.


How has Coach Chris solved my biggest problem?


She took the stress out of receiving the horrid phone calls, and gave some structure and strategy to get out of my current situation.


What is life like now?


It’s still a struggle, but the stress levels are 90% less. Knowing that you have someone like Chris behind you really helps. I felt very alone and isolated because of my financial issues, Chris become the one person that is there to walk with you. God is really using her in a very important way.

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Brenton & Vanessa - Stepping Out

(40-55 Age Group)

For many years my wife & I felt that we needed some guidance in managing our finances. It was not that we were struggling financially but it seemed money came out of our bank accounts quicker than it went in. We were living from pay cheque to pay cheque & it was always a relief to come out even or not too badly behind, thinking the next pay cheque would make up for the shortfall.


However we wanted to accomplish more. We also wanted to make sure that we had sufficient funds to see us through & hopefully enjoy retirement.


We have been on a 24 month journey with Christine, our Coach Chris. She had been a Godsend. Chris has helped us through the maze that modern finance had created & showed us how to untangle the complexities that had created a lot of confusion & uncertainty. Instead of relying solely on the integrity of financial institutions we are now able to understand their mechanisms a bit better and ask more informed questions when applying for their products. She also helped us to unclutter the way we were managing our finances which made it much easier to assess our financial position & plan for our future.


We see our sessions with Coach Chris as positive investments into our financial wellbeing.

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Trish - Stepping Out

(40-55 Age Group)

Dear Chris,


A testimonial to you!


When you became my money management coach in April 2005, if anyone had told me back then, where I would be financially, in seven year’s time, I would have laughed in their faces and never believed them!


After a bad marriage ended in divorce over 20 years ago, and me facing bankruptcy at the time, with nothing to my name except debts due to my exhusband’s bad financial management, I chopped up the credit card and didn’t have one for over 20 years. I had to start all over again. As a single woman, I was looking at paying my home off in approximately 20 years back in 2005. With your guidance and wise advice, I started making inroads into my mortgage, just slowly at first, but I saw the money management system could work for me.

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Tony & Mary - Stepping Out

(55-60 Age Group)

We first met Coach Chris 3 years ago as we needed to better understand and control our finances to position ourselves for retirement. This was the best decision we had made and to be honest have never looked back. Not only did Chris step us through our finances but also highlighted anomalies in the way we spent our money and the savings we could make. Chris was able to articulate and evidence how to manage our incoming and outgoing expenditures monthly. Wow we had never realised we could still maintain our life style and pay substantially more into our mortgage repayments, which had a significant and positive impact on reducing the term of the home loan coupled with the ability to put money aside for savings should we have any emergencies, but as importantly maintain our lifestyle. Chris throughout the whole process has without doubt had our interests at heart in helping us to become more financially independent but also a great deal of encouragement and advice in pursuing our goals. We always looked forward to our monthly catch ups to discuss how we went the previous month but also to set our outgoings for the next month. Has it worked, I should say so and would encourage anyone who wants financial independence to make contact with Coach Chris. You will be quite surprised at what you can achieve. Chris thank you for all your help and guidance.


We have learnt so much from you and are now achieving our financial targets.

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Silvio & Fiona - Stepping Out

(40-55 Age Group)

If memory serves us well we met Chris and her team a little over 5 years ago. At the time we were looking at our accounts and working through how we could better manage our financial situation. While we weren’t in desperate measures we found that we needed to manage our finances better. With Chris’s help, who was later joined by Janette, we found there were measures that we hadn’t thought about and needed a clearer understanding of. At one point in our journey we were facing some difficult financial stresses that had we “went it alone” we would have not come out of it as cleanly as we have. To this day Coach Chris and her team have helped clear a way through the maze of the financial world to give us a clearer mindset and help setup our goals for a better financial future.


What we value most are Honesty, Integrity and personalism. Why ? Because each one of these is a core value, Coach Chris and her team definitely has this!