The Break Free Programme is designed to help those people who are struggling under the burden of debt, regain control of their money and move towards establishing the four basic foundation stones of money control, budget surplus, emergency funds and savings.

So often people find themselves in a place of such overwhelming debt that they are unable to see a solution. They  become weary because of all the demands from creditors and what seems to be a constant stream of bills and they just don’t know how they are ever going to change.

At Coach Chris we work alongside those people who are ready to see a change in their circumstances. We have found that it is often education surrounding money management more than the lack of funds that stops people moving forward. So if you find yourself in a position of overwhelming debt let us  help you. We will work with you to find a solution. If necessary we will teach you how to negotiate payment arrangements with your creditors but in all cases we will educate you with regard to the skills needed to be successful at managing your money and breaking free of debt.


The Stepping Out Programme is specifically designed for those clients who typically believe they can do much better than they are presently doing. They are usually living from pay to pay and often have the usual mortgage and credit card debt but they want to be able to reduce debt and create wealth.

It often seems to be around the end of the financial year when people have received their group certificates, that they realise just how much they have earned over the last year. It often sparks the declaration…., “I have earned how much!” quickly followed by , “Where did it all go?”

If that is you and you know you could do better than you are presently doing – you just need some help – Contact us today! By coming on board the Stepping Out Programme you are giving yourself the opportunity to really understand where your money comes from and where it goes to. Once you fully understand that along with your strengths and weaknesses you can start moving towards fulfilling your goals and dreams.


The Business Builders Programme is specifically designed for those people who are wanting to start or have just started a business or who have a small business with a great product, but just cannot get a handle on managing their finances. People who are putting all of their time and energy into running their business and either don’t think of  taking a wage or they can’t see how they can afford to.

The most important component of any business is cash flow and unfortunately all too often a business will fail because of the owner not paying attention to this vital area.

At Coach Chris we will teach you the necessary skills to understand how much it costs to run your business and the importance of planning ahead so that you can be ready for your future business expenses. We will also show you the importance of taking a wage and understanding that your business needs to be able to fund your own personal lifestyle .

You will learn how much your business is costing on a monthly basis as well as looking at the overall yearly costs and you will become aware of the importance of planning ahead in order to grow your business.

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No matter where you are located our coaches are available for on line appointments via Skype or Google Hangouts .

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