The Stepping Out Programme is specifically designed for those clients who typically believe they can do much better than they are presently doing. They are usually living from pay to pay and often have the usual mortgage and credit card debt but they want to be able to reduce debt and create wealth.


It often seems to be around the end of the financial year when people have received their group certificates, that they realise just how much they have earned over the last year. It often sparks the declaration…. “ I have earned how much!” quickly followed by, “Where did it all go?” If that is you and you know you could do better than you are presently doing – you just need some help – Contact us today! By coming on board the Stepping Out Programme you are giving yourself the opportunity to really understand where your money comes from and where it goes to. Once you fully understand that along with your strengths and weaknesses you can start moving towards fulfilling your goals and dreams.