Ryan - Stepping Out up

(25 – 40 Age Group)


What was my biggest problem?


At the time I thought my biggest problem was a lack of income. I thought that if I were to earn more money, my money troubles would go away. Every time I got paid, I had nothing left at the end of it. My credit card debt was getting bigger and my personal loan and mortgage left me with virtually no spending money after every pay period. No matter how hard I tried, I could never get out of the hole.


My biggest problem wasn’t my bad luck of expenses, it was me!

How did I get involved with Coach Chris?


A friend of the family recommended Coach Chris. I noticed over time they went from being really frugal to enjoying holidays regularly, upgraded their car and never complained anymore about money. They seemed to have it all sorted. When I asked how they managed to change their lifestyle, they recommended Coach Chris.


How has Coach Chris solved my biggest problem?


Coach Chris has helped me far beyond what I expected. Coach Chris helped me change how I think about money and my life. I wasn’t introduced to a strict budget and sent on my way. Coach Chris dives further into what your life goals are too, and helped make me accountable to my goals. I quickly learnt the power of planning and how changing your mindset from “I can’t” to “how can I do it” quickly makes a difference.


Having that support, being reminded of my plans and the regular chats made the task of overcoming debt and going on holidays not seem so daunting. I had clear focus of what I needed to do. Coach Chris helps keep you on track!


What is life like now?


I’ve been with Coach Chris for 7 years now. In those 7 years I’ve achieved the following; some planned, some not!


- Paid off my credit card debt

- Paid off my personal loan

- Bought an investment property

- Been on 4 large international holidays

- Bought a block of land

- Handled the expenses of shock funeral

- Handled the medical expenses of a pet passing

- Helped out my immediate family with their problems


The best thing about my life now is that I am no longer feeling stressed about every dollar I have. I am using my money on things that are important to me. Now that I have control of my money, I am free to enjoy the things in life that truly make me happy and all it took was my open mind to being educated, my determination and the Coach Chris program.