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Free Family Fun

Christmas can often feel like a very expensive time of year especially if you have not been saving for it all year. But amidst the gift buying and the stocking up for the family feast the family fun that you choose to have doesn't have to cost anything. Of course I am talking about  playing games and whether that be a good old board game or a game of cricket in the back yard there is a lot of fun to be had on these occasions and a lot of great memories to be made.

Below are 2 games that me and my family love to play - I hope you have as much fun as we do playing them!

Who's The Man?

This is a great party game and our family has had hours of fun and so much laughter as we have tried to guess the item or name scribbled on a piece of paper and gather as many as we can before the time is up.


Again another drawing game but this has been created for you. The categories are given and the item that you have to draw without saying a word, has been prepared for you. It gets awkward when you cannot think how on earth you can draw something like Mt Everest for example and lots of fun is had as you try and beat the clock and guess enough pictures correctly to be the first to the finish line. 

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