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We personally design a money plan that's right for you

“Your money by design”

We recognize that everyone is different and every person's circumstances are different.  We all process things in different ways.

Just like an interior designer would design your living space according to a brief - we design your money plan using that same process.

Our Design Process

The design process starts by understanding what your needs and challenges are. 

Are you struggling with debt or paying your bills on time? Do you want to start a savings plan or learn about investing?

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Listening & Understanding

We take time to listen and understand your needs, your challenges and your goals

Business strategy

Creating your personalized money plan

We put together the necessary elements that will facilitate you rising above your challenges and moving towards your goals
Online Learning

Personal financial coaching

You will be assigned your own financial coach so that you can have someone who will co-ordinate your design plan and be part of your ongoing financial journey

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What Do You Need Help With?

Getting my debt under control

Getting my spending under control

Paying my bills on time

Creating a better financial future

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Client Testimonials

"The best thing about my life now is that I am no longer feeling stressed about every dollar I have. I am using my money on things that are important to me. Now that I have control of my money, I am free to enjoy the things in life that truly make me happy and all it took was my open mind to being educated, my determination and this program"

Ryan (25-40 age group)

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