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5 Ways To reduce Your Grocery Bill

1. Always plan your meals and from that plan, write a shopping list. Be sure to only buy what is on your list.


2. Never shop from the displays at the ends of the aisles - these are strategically placed to catch your eye and may not be the cheapest.

3. School lunches...Don’t immediately opt for pre- prepared snacks - it is so much cheaper to set aside some time and bake e.g. Make a large slab of cake and then cut into individual servings Those popular rice bubble bars can easily be made as a slab - just look up the recipe for chocolate crackles and make it in a tray as a slab and then cut into individual bars. 

It is so easy to pop your own corn at home and then package it into snap lock bags for individual servings.


Small yoghurt pots can be expensive compared to buying a family size pot of yoghurt and distributing into smaller, single serve pots


Cooked meat at the deli can often be a lot more pricey than buying a roast and thinly slicing it for sandwiches - saves you on price and preservatives!

4. Cleaning products can take a large portion of the family grocery budget but a cleaning solution made with white vinegar and bicarb of soda can be a great alternative - just as effective and a lot cheaper.

5. Never ever go to the shop hungry - you will find yourself buying because you are imagining the taste and end up putting more than what you have on your list into your trolley. Be wise and eat before you shop.

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