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How do I get my money world in order?

Getting my debt under control

If you are struggling under the burden of debt we can help you. In a coaching program specifically designed for you and your particular challenges, we will help you regain control of your money and move towards establishing the four basic foundation stones of money control, budget surplus, emergency funds and savings.

So often people find themselves in a place of such overwhelming debt that they are unable to see a solution. They  become weary because of all the demands from creditors and what seems to be a constant stream of bills and they just don’t know how they are ever going to change.


At Coach Chris we work alongside those people who are ready to see a change in their circumstances. We have found that it is often education surrounding money management more than the lack of funds that stops people moving forward. So if you find yourself in a position of overwhelming debt let us help you. We will work with you to find a solution. If necessary we will teach you how to negotiate payment arrangements with your creditors but in all cases we will educate you with regard to the skills needed to be successful at managing your money and breaking free of debt.

Getting my spending under control

We will design a program specifically for you to help you get your spending under control. People often feel that they could do much better than they are presently doing if they could just get this vital area under some sort of control.

Learning to manage your money is a skill and unfortunately it doesn't always come naturally. You will be assigned your own personal money coach who will teach you how to work with the funds you have. They will teach you how to understand how much it costs you to live and will help you put a plan in place so that all of your fixed expenses are covered. You will then learn the art of planning your budget so that you become fully aware of what it costs you to live the life you want to live. You will learn what elements are needed to gain complete control of your money. By deciding to work with us you are giving yourself the opportunity to really understand where your money comes from and where it goes to. 

Once you fully understand that along with your strengths and your weaknesses, you can start moving towards fulfilling your goals and dreams.

Paying my bills on time

With all of the expenses that compete for our money, it is little wonder that sometimes we just don't seem to have enough when those quarterly bills start rolling in. By having your own personal money coach come alongside you and teach you how to put your money in order, you will never have to be concerned again about that large electricity bill that rears its head after every cold winter or warm summer.

We will show you our proven system of how to manage your money so that you can be prepared for all of your bills whether they be monthly direct debits, quarterly bills or yearly expenses. Even Christmas and birthdays can be planned for in such a way that those special times of year can actually be enjoyed instead of stressed over.

Let us help you plan ahead and be prepared so that you can pay your bills on time.

Creating a better financial future

Do you feel like you earn good money and you live reasonably well but you just don't seem to be getting anywhere?

We hear that a lot and it has been our delight to help hundreds of people move from a position of survival to a position of choice. By having your own personal money coach who understands your unique position - A coach who knows your dreams and your goals for your future, you are setting yourself up to move forward financially. 

We will design a program that looks at every aspect of your money world and we will educate you in not just managing your money but leading your money to where you want it to take you. We have testimonies of clients who cannot believe how much better their future looks because they took the time to gain knowledge of the financial products and services that impact all of us and they worked with their coach to decide their best way forward.

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