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We personally design a money plan that's right for you

“Your money by design”

Welcome to Coach Chris.

At Coach Chris, we love helping people, just like you, break free from debt, take control of their spending, and achieve financial freedom.

Our mission is to empower you to live the life you want, without the burden of money worries.


With personalised support and a tailored budget plan, you'll finally be able to say goodbye to your money worries.  

Are you ready to take the first step towards financial freedom?

Call us today to book your FREE consultation and let us help you on your journey to financial freedom.

Chris Addis


Director - Coach Chris

How Coach Chris can help improve your financial future!


  ✔  Debt Management

  ✔  Personalised Finance Coaching

  ✔  Budgeting & Money Management

  ✔  Plan for your Retirement

Our team of money coaches have helped 100's of Australians to break free from financial stress and start living life on their terms.  


Book your FREE consultation with Coach Chris today, and let us get your money into great shape!

Your journey to financial freedom starts here!


“ I am no longer feeling stressed about every dollar I have. I am free to enjoy the things in life that truly make me happy and all it took was my open mind to being educated, my determination and this program"

Ryan (25 - 40 age group)

Coach Chris services


Need help getting on top of
your DEBT?

Are you struggling under the burden of debt? Are your loans and credit card bills keeping you awake at night?  

We'll empower you to regain financial control, become debt-free and enjoy a brighter financial future.


Want advice to help reduce

Regardless of your income or your personal situation, the team at Coach Chris can help!


Together we'll design a program specifically for you, so you can start working towards fulfilling your financial goals and dreams.


Pay your BILLS on time

Don't let unexpected bills rule your life. Let Coach Chris help you take control of your finances and pay your bills on time, every time. Be financially prepared with Coach Chris by your side.


Create a better FINANCIAL FUTURE

Our tailored program covers every aspect of your financial landscape. We're not just here to teach you money management; we're here to empower you and lead your money towards financial freedom.

Call Us 0490 055 447

Our Process

At Coach Chris we start by gaining a comprehensive understanding of your individual financial circumstances, identifying your specific needs and obstacles.  Your personal Money Coach will then work with you to plan and implement a strategy that will see you reach your financial goals.

Two people discussing

Listening & Understanding

We take time to listen and understand your current financial situation, your needs, challenges and your financial goals,

Business strategy

Creating your personalised money plan

We will develop a personalised money plan to help you elemintae your financial stress and get you on the raod to achieving long term financial freedom.
Online Learning

Personal financial coaching

Your personal financial coach is with you every step of the way.  They will co-ordinate your plan and ensure you remain accountable on your ongoing financial journey

Ready for a BRIGHTER financial future?

Arrange a complimentary consultation with a Coach Chris money coach TODAY.  Your private, one-on-one session will allow us to understand your unique financial situation and outline a customised plan to help you achieve your financial goals.  

Download our free guide:
Budgeting & Money Management

Our 8-page, comprehensive guide takes you on a journey, step by step, to understanding your income, debt, and expenses.   It offers straightforward actions to help you reduce debt & spending, so you can regain control of your finances. Equipped with an expense tracking form and a monthly budget planner, you'll possess the essential tools to effectively manage your finances and move closer to attaining financial freedom.

Click here to download

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