“Sadly most people feel that they have never been taught how to handle money and they plod through life doing the best they can but instead of just plodding why not get some education. There is no shame in asking for help to learn a new skill and that is exactly what you would be doing if you were to come on anyone of our programmes. Each programme is uniquely designed so that each individual can understand the details of their financial world and can progress along their own financial journey to a stronger financial future.”

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 Chris Addis 


Chris is passionate about educating people so that they can make good financial choices. With her relaxed, non judgmental style, Chris will help you move from a position of weakness where your money controls you, to a position of strength where you control your money.

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 Karen Rawlings 

Karen excels in the area of creating personalised budgets that will support you to move forward in your financial journey. With a strong emphasis on customer care and empathy toward the individual’s circumstances, she understands the best way to present a person’s budget to make their journey less complicated.


In April 2011, after working as a financial coach for 7 years, Chris took the opportunity to establish her own financial coaching company “Coach Chris.”

Chris had a vision for helping people no matter what their income. She had noticed that  the problem was hardly ever the amount of money that a person earned but rather their behaviour surrounding that money. She wanted to be able to educate her clients in the best way to manage their finances and to see them get “their money into great shape”.

Chris’ passion lies in the area of education. Giving clients the knowledge and the necessary skills they need to manage their money well and with an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning she has a strong understanding of the importance of great budgeting and cash flow management in order to move her clients towards a strong financial future. Whilst she personally does not operate in the area of financial planning, she works closely with financial planners so that her clients progress successfully towards their desired future.


Coach Chris today has become a stand out company in the area of budgeting and cashflow and with a demand for her services both interstate and locally, Coach Chris has moved from being restricted to an Adelaide office to being available anywhere in Australia with the use of online coaching available through Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. Chris no longer operates alone but has a team of people that work with those that have found themselves drowning in debt right up to those people who have access to considerable funds. They have worked with their clients to help them see the importance of understanding where their money comes from and where it goes to and the need for planning their monthly budget in the light of their financial goals. Chris believes this is the key to people seeing their goals achieved and with the accountability that coaching provides, her clients go from the weak position of being controlled by money to the strong position of the client being in control of their own money and able to make sound financial decisions.


Whether you meet with Chris or one of her team  – you will start to understand the movement of your money and the importance of planning ahead and then working with that plan to achieve your financial goals.

About Coach Chris

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